Tarta FCIL de hojaldre con crema y fresas.

enough to pay for keeping the fortifications in repair.Here was a sweet morsel of vengeance. The miseries of the Hurons were lighted up with a brief gleam of joy; but it behooved them to make a timely retreat from their island before the Iroquois came to exact a bloody retribution. Towards spring, while the lake was still frozen, many 430 of them escaped on the ice, while another party afterwards followed in canoes. A few, who had neither strength to walk nor canoes to transport them, perforce remained behind, and were soon massacred by the Iroquois. The fugitives directed their course to the Grand Manitoulin Island, where they remained for a short time, and then, to the number of about four hundred, descended the Ottawa, and rejoined their countrymen who had gone to Quebec the year before.Cuando tenemos poco tiempo o no queremos pararnos a preparar un hojaldre casero que debemos de reconocer que su sabor no se puede comparar con las lminas de hojaldre que compramos en el sper pero que es muy laborioso de elaborar, nada mejor que una "Tarta FCIL de hojaldre con...continuar leyendo

Tarta LARPEIRA. Amasado a mano. VIDEO

FOOTNOTES: La "Larpeira gallega." es una especie de tarta dulce cubierta de crema cuya masa nos recuerda a la del Roscn de Reyes y...continuar leyendo

Ensalada de arroz 5 delicias

[29] The Illinois lived at this time beyond the Mississippi, thirty days' journey from La Pointe; whither they had been driven by the Iroquois, from their former abode near Lake Michigan. Dablon (Relation, 1671, 24, 25) says that they lived seven days' journey beyond the Mississippi, in eight villages. A few years later, most of them returned to the east side, and made their abode on the river Illinois. Esta "Ensalada de arroz 5 delicias" es muy verstil y os resolver el men de cualquier da . No slo es fantstica como...continuar leyendo

Brownie de chocolate con pistachos. SIN AZCAR AADIDO. SIN GLUTEN

[212] The Sioux, or Dacotah, as they call themselves, were a numerous people, separated into three great divisions, which were again subdivided into bands. Those among whom Hennepin was a prisoner belonged to the division known as the Issanti, Issanyati, or, as he writes it, Issati, of which the principal band was the Meddewakantonwan. The other great divisions, the Yanktons and the Tintonwans, or Tetons, lived west of the Mississippi, extending beyond the Missouri, and ranging as far as the Rocky Mountains. The Issanti cultivated the soil; but the extreme western bands subsisted on the buffalo alone. The former had two kinds of dwelling,—the teepee, or skin-lodge, and the bark-lodge. The teepee, which was used by all the Sioux, consists of a covering of dressed buffalo-hide, stretched on a conical stack of poles. The bark-lodge was peculiar to the Eastern Sioux; and examples of it might be seen, until within a few years, among the bands on the St. Peter's. In its general character, it was like the Huron and Iroquois houses, but was inferior in construction. It had a ridge roof, framed of poles, extending from the posts which formed the sides; and the whole was covered with elm-bark. The lodges in the villages to which Hennepin was conducted were probably of this kind. 1660, 1661. THE HEROES OF THE LONG SAUT. El chocolate es la cura para casi todo, nada malo puede pasar si te ponen un trozo de este "Brownie de chocolate con...continuar leyendo

Men semanal del 21 al 27 de junio

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Salsa chimichurri. El INVENTO del siglo.

The Sulpitians put forward Queylus as their candidate for the new bishopric. The assembly of French clergy approved, and Cardinal MazarinCHAPTER VI. El chimichurri es una salsa que ha acompaado mi niez en los familiares asados uruguayos. En Uruguay es tan tpica como el asado...continuar leyendo

Panna cotta con compota de arndanos.

La Salle's name in full was René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. La Salle was the name of an estate near Rouen, belonging to the Caveliers. The wealthy French burghers often distinguished the various members of their families by designations borrowed from landed estates. Thus, Fran?ois Marie Arouet, son of an ex-notary, received the name of Voltaire, which he made famous. La panna cotta es un postre tpico de la regin italiana del Piamonte, elaborado a partir de nata (crema de leche,) azcar...continuar leyendo

Ensalada completa con berenjena, aguacate, mango y vinagreta dulce

* This story is told by Sister Morin, Marguerite Bourgeoys, Aunque es en primavera y verano cuando publico ms ensaladas en mi casa estn presentes todo el ao porque son una fuente de...continuar leyendo

FIAMBRE de Pollo deshuesado RELLENO.

FOOTNOTES: El pollo tiene una carne blanca mucho ms humilde que otras piezas de tradicional abolengo pero que si la hacemos al horno cuidando...continuar leyendo


De la Salle. Uno de los referentes gastronmicos de Galicia es sin duda la empanada a la que los gallegos adoramos. Son muchos y variados los...continuar leyendo

Men semanal del 14 al 20 de junio

Puedes conseguir los utensilios, ollas, sartenes, moldes y productos que utilizo yo visitando Mi tienda AMAZON   Consigue mi libro, "Cocinando en casa"...continuar leyendo